Google is a play on words with the word googol, which was created by Milton Sirrota, nephew of the mathematician Edward Kasner, and it was first mentioned in the book "Mathematics and the Imagination" of Kasner & James Newman. It means the number 1, which is followed by 100 zeros. The use of google symbolizes the vision and the intention of the company to organise the, in appearance, unlimited information that we can find in internet.


the history of internet

Google! The number 1 with the 100 zeros!

The founders of google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, strong personalities and passionate with the PCs, disagreed strongly the first time they met, in 1995. Students in computer science, in a meeting-touring in the university of Stanford, were disagreeing in everything until they found a common way of thinking of how should be treated the issue of the drawing of the information that are relevant between them, from a huge data base. Because of the luck of money, they tried to create a network of computers with cheap computers since Larry could fix machines (of course he had a bad reputation after a repairing of a printer by using Lego).
Their search, for possible rented computers from anywhere in the campus in order to expand their network, was very often.
A year later, the fame concerning the new technology of searching that they were using, started to be spread.

In 1998, they were continuing to make better their technology, which became the heart of google and they were searching for potential colleagues, although they had not thought yet to create a business for their technology.
Among the persons who talked to, was David Filo, a friend and also one of the co-founders of Yahoo. He encouraged them, said to them to inform him as soon as they would develop their idea and he advised them to establish their company with the search engine. But it was not everything positive, the president of a big portal told them that “as long as we are in the 80% of competition, we are fine and the users of Internet are not interested in search engines”. Having failed in winning the interest of the big portals, they decided to make everything by themselves. First of all they started to search for cash, in order to pay their credit cards that have been driven to the limit, because of a buying of a terabyte memory for their network. That was and the time that they talked to Andy Bechtolsheim, one of the founders of the Sun microsystems but their talk was very short and they hardly explained to him their ideas. Bechtolsheim was a man that could see far but he was in a hurry and told them “Instead of your trying to explain me your project, isn’t it better to give you a check of 100000 dollars? ”. And he gave it to them. But the company google hasn’t been founded yet and they couldn’t take the money and the check was waiting in the drawer for weeks. After strong requests in friends and relatives, they managed to gather one million dollars and in September of 1998 the company google was an official event. And this was the company, which in short time turned over everything concerning the technology of search engines.

We support the idea of the internet being free for everyone and at high speed. The cost can thus be covered by the countries and companies active within its trading sector.

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