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A resent report of the company for statistics and analysis of internet, the One stat, reports that the free browser Firefox has gained ground in relation with the rest. In specific, the users of Internet that use it, have increased up to 3%, from the April of 2005.
Firefox, internationally, has conquered a share of the market in the 11%, while the main until now browser the internet explorer sees its share to wane to the 84%.
These results have come from the process of reports for 2 millions users from all over the world and the strange is that agree absolutely with the statistics of fotoart.gr, where its visitors had the same percentages from the two competitive browsers, for the October of 2005.
In USA and Canada, the firefox is more popular and is used by the 14% of the users while the Internet explorer is the preference of the 80%. Especially in Canada, the Internet explorer falls into the 78%. But it resists in Great Britain and keeps a share of 93%, while firefox has only the 5%.
The international tendency though, is almost all the users of Netscape to prefer the change into forefox and slowly more users of Internet explorer too.
The numbers are also revealing for the other browsers, which are close to 1% (Opera, Mozilla, Netscape), with the Safari of Apple to be in front with the 1,5 %, while there is a tendency, small but also indicative, for the increase of the use of Internet through mobile phones and small portable devises.

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