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Alexa started its working, in 1995, in order to create a way of filing and surfing in net, which would get better by the participation of the users. In September of 1999, alexa provided the first toolbar (alexa toolbar 1.0). In 1998 and 1999, the alexa’s toolbar was embodied in the browsers netscape and internet explorer while it had overcome the 3 millions downloads. In 1999, alexa was bought out by amazon.com. In 2000, the new toolbar of alexa (alexa toolbar 5.0) overcame the 7 millions downloads. In 2002, alexa cooperated with google and this cooperation still goes on.

As it happens in any successful idea, alexa has been accused a lot. It has been accused as a spyware programme and this is how some antispyware programmes face it. But alexa cannot be downloaded by mistake and always is needed the user’s understanding and approval.
From the other hand, except for its many and useful services, alexa is today the most reliable way to see the number of visitors in a website. And it gives us an important sample, although the problems and difficulties that has to face such a venture. There is not any other service that can give us at least a clue of how popular a site is.
See the best Greek websites according alexa in a very good application of the korinthorama.gr



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