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There are many services that are offered, though internet, by various companies, but also there are services that concern directly the internet itself, like the web hosting and web page creation services.
These are the services that we are going to talk about, in the following web pages. We are also going to talk about the companies that offer these kinds of services. We will see what makes these companies unique and competitive and also we will inform you about the special offers we find.
Internet services are a developing and dynamic industry with huge development. It is a sector of economy that does not necessarily need big investments, but vision, knowledge and hard work.
It is a unique opportunity, which is also given to Greek companies, to understand the messages of today and take a good position in the international competition.
It is the opportunity of the Greek enterprises for equal participation in the new international economy.




We support the idea of the internet being free for everyone and at high speed. The cost can thus be covered by the countries and companies active within its trading sector.

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